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Managing Sales Presentations to Large Groups

This may be the one environment in which it is more appropriate to tell rather than sell.

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Aristotle’s 5 Canons of Persuasive Selling

Believe it or not Aristotle had some excellent advice for salespeople! Now, this advice wasn’t directed towards salespeople per se, it was intended for the public speakers and writers of his age, in order to help them become more persuasive. … Continue reading

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Sales: Becoming a Star

This is the third post in a series on sales. See part one here and part two here.  Whether you’re new or old to the sales game there are 3 factors that are going to define your performance. Previously, we broke down the fundamental building blocks of the discipline, … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin on the Glengarry Glen Ross sales speech

If you’re in sales then at one point or another a manager has shown you the  Alec Baldwin sales speech from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. There is a link to it below. I don’t see it as a good … Continue reading

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the 5 Honey Badger sales personas

Borrowing from the growing popularity of the business articles inspired by  “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” YouTube video (see the video below), in this post I’m going to take that philosophy one step forward by using the different animals in … Continue reading

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sales qualification basics for the uninitiated

A friend called yesterday. He had some questions about how to handle sales calls for a new product his fledgling company is introducing to the market. He’s had a lot of calls with potential prospects, but for some reason is … Continue reading

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