Aristotle’s 5 Canons of Persuasive Selling

Believe it or not Aristotle had some excellent advice for salespeople!

Now, this advice wasn’t directed towards salespeople per se, it was intended for the public speakers and writers of his age, in order to help them become more persuasive.

Aristotle’s work–The Rhetoric–was so groundbreaking that it is to this day considered the “the most important single work on persuasion ever written.”

Salespeople…get the idea?? Aristotle can help you become more persuasive!!

The fundamentals of his work break down into in several principles referred to as “The 5 Cannons of Rhetoric”.

With a bit of a twist for salespeople, here are “Aristotle’s 5 Canons of Persuasive Selling”:

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Passover: Profiles in Leadership, are you a Moses or a Pharaoh to the People you Lead?

Here in Israel, the Passover holiday is upon us.

Passover is the holiday that marks the formal constitution of the Jewish nation, which was made possible by virtue of freedom from slavery. In other words, it’s a time that marks the special occasion of many individuals becoming one united entity.

But what created this unity? What forces formed it? And most relevantly…is there a lesson in it for the modern workforce?

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The 3 Keys to Successful Enterprise Selling

Enterprise selling is the big leagues of sales. No doubt about it. Enterprise takes selling to another level.

Here are the 3 definitive factors in mastering enterprise sales performance:

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Sales: The 4 Best Sales Books

This is the fourth and final post in a series on sales. See posts one, two and three to get up to speed.

The only things that will help you improve your performance are enhancing your knowledge of sales theory and practicing what you learn. If you can’t find a good sales training course then you’ll be dependent on more accessible resources. Luckily, there are a variety of affordable resources that can help you begin improving on theory and practice.

Following is the reading list I recommend beginning with. Unlike the majority of sales books out there these are useful and proven.

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Sales: Becoming a Star

This is the third post in a series on sales. See part one here and part two here

Whether you’re new or old to the sales game there are 3 factors that are going to define your performance. Previously, we broke down the fundamental building blocks of the discipline, but now we’re going to focus on the operational factors.

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Sales: What’s it made of?

This is second part in a series on sales. See part one here.

Do an Amazon search on sales and you’ll find a million and one books on different types of sales, salespeople and selling. Very few of these books are practical. Out of the handful that is even they don’t break down the essential elements that define sales as a discipline, beyond the anecdotal.

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Sales: Are You Good?

No one has a brighter future than a good salesman!”

– Earl Nightingale

I love sales. For me it involves a dynamic combination of elements that really appeal to my psyche. It comprises pieces of investigation, debate, argumentation, negotiation, strategy…and of course the ever so critical financial transaction!

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The 3 Rules of LinkedIn Recommendation Etiquette

LinkedIn recommendations are a great way of adding credibility to your professional profile. They’re great to give and great to receive. Even more, the right recommendation from the right person is something to cherish.

The question is, when is the right time to request a recommendation? And, when is it right to give one?

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Purim: Profiles in Office Politics, are you a Haman or a Mordecai?

In Israel the holiday of Purim was celebrated this past week.

Purim is a very festive holiday that commemorates Jewish victory over certain Persian adversaries. The festivities involve a lot of partying, dressing in costumes and a Rabbinical directive instructing all people to get drunk! Fun!

Within the story the primary protagonist and antagonist are the wise Mordecai and the treacherous Haman, respectively. While reading some interesting political commentary on the story I began to wonder how we can apply certain lessons from the Purim story to work politics.

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LinkedIn’s Social Media Presence Does Nothing for its Customers?

Dear LinkedIn,

Back in December my company paid to upgrade my account from Business Plus to Sales Executive. A week later (after endless emails and phone calls from myself and my office manager) and my account had still not been upgraded, so I took to Twitter to complain. To your credit you replied rapidly, here is the conversation that followed:

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