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Event: The ClickTale Forum – Wednesday Oct. 30th – NEW YORK

I’m proud to use this space to introduce you to a valuable event: The ClickTale Forum is an exclusive event for the web optimization community hosted by ClickTale, in Manhattan on October 30th. This all-day event will feature bestselling authors … Continue reading

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Perspective-Taker vs. Empathizer

One of the things you’re taught early on in sales training is the need to understand how to think like the person you’re selling to. In other words, it’s necessary to imagine the different goals and business decisions the prospect likely … Continue reading

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Eliminating Confusion from SMB Sales

Successful sales people have one thing that the unsuccessful ones don’t: A repeatable method from creating sales success! Today we’re going to review the core principles that SMB salespeople need to understand in order to begin building a personal–repeatable–sales methodology.

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Indus, Enterprise Salespeople Are Already There…

This is very timely, based on our previous discussion regarding transactional selling. Indus argues that the The Traditional Sales Model Can’t Sell Enterprise Software. And, as he describes the traditional sales model he’s not wrong. What’s the problem? The problem … Continue reading

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Transactional Selling: The Basics

The transactional sale is almost invariably defined by a short sales cycle and a rather straight forward method of payment. To describe the transactional (aka, SMB) sales process a bit more practically, once a prospect is engaged and talking all … Continue reading

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Things not to say on a Phone Interview

Many companies and managers will use a phone interview to vet a prospective employee ahead of an actual in-person meeting. It’s very affective and saves everyone a lot of time. This is particularly true of jobs in selling over the … Continue reading

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The Reason Sales Stars Often Become Poor Sales Managers

You can’t put a shark on land and expect it to act like a lion. Not all sales stars make good sales managers. Not all sales managers need to have ever been real sales stars. The knowledge and skills that … Continue reading

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The 4 Keys to Profiling a Resume

…so, a friend sends you their resume for an opening at your company…and you’re not sure whether they’d be a good fit for the role…what do you do? Indeed…what do you do? The cold hard truth is that referring someone … Continue reading

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Passover: Profiles in Leadership, are you a Moses or a Pharaoh to the People you Lead?

Here in Israel, the Passover holiday is upon us. Passover is the holiday that marks the formal constitution of the Jewish nation, which was made possible by virtue of freedom from slavery. In other words, it’s a time that marks … Continue reading

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Sales: The 4 Best Sales Books

This is the fourth and final post in a series on sales. See posts one, two and three to get up to speed. The only things that will help you improve your performance are enhancing your knowledge of sales theory … Continue reading

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