Being an Enterprise Salesperson

EntrepreneurshipA wise colleague once told me:

“Being an enterprise salesperson means looking at yourself like a franchise. You can use the resource the company offers you in marketing, operations and business development but in the end of the day you have to act as if you are running your own business.”

What this means to say is that being an enterprise salesperson requires entrepreneurship and strategy. It means that in order to succeed in Enterprise sales you need to take full responsibility for your sales process and success–you have to lead. Your job in the end of the day is to create business, no matter how limited or extensive your company’s resources are, you need to bring in the money. You’ve got to be an engine for momentum that doesn’t wait for things.


Because if you’re the kind of person that waits for things, is reactive, or complains about things like a lack resource, collateral or your products pricing…then you’re not going to bring what it takes to succeed.


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