Tribal Selling

Selling a game changer is special. But, it takes a game changing kind of salesperson to do it right.

When you win people over to something that has yet to hit the early majority, you connect with them and their business on a powerful level.

You know that what you’re offering isn’t for everyone–but not because it’s too expensive or complicated…but rather because they just can’t see it yet–because they haven’t yet received enlightenment. It’s just for those who understand…for the elite innovators.

When the deals come, it’s as if you catalyze them. It’s the result of a special synergy between the solution and your ability to evangelize to the people who are ready to hear your message. You create a connection between yourself, your company and the buyer…and suddenly you both belong to the same special group…you’re both cutting edge…you both share the same vision…you both get it…you both belong to the same tribe.

That’s rarefied air for a salesperson. In this zone you step beyond solution selling…directly into Tribal Selling.

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