Eliminating Confusion from SMB Sales

Successful sales people have one thing that the unsuccessful ones don’t:

A repeatable method from creating sales success!

Today we’re going to review the core principles that SMB salespeople need to understand in order to begin building a personal–repeatable–sales methodology.

Just to be clear, these aren’t so much skills, as they are points of reference that can help guide you through those tough calls and going nowhere discussions with prospects. Their purpose is to eliminate confusion in the SMB sales process for the salesperson.

SMB Principle 0.5:

First off, you must have the essential sales skills down pat. To review, you must master the following:

  • Sales Communication: You must be able to deliver an elevator pitch and value proposition, succinctly.
  • Sales Qualification: You need to understand who you’re talking to, what they do and who they do it for and whether they have the ability (money and authority) to buy.
  •  Sales Intent: Clearly establish your intention to sell to the prospect–particularly when selling over the phone.

If you don’t know how to deliver effective messaging, how to qualify or if you confuse people as to your intentions when you call to sell them…then all of your successes are pure dumb luck.

Luck sucks.

Luck is just circumstance, it’s not repeatable.

SMB Principle 1:

They’ve already decided whether they’re going to buy or not!

Whether it’s the first call or the 5th call with you…they have already decided whether they’re going to buy or not. It’s your job to decide whether they’re negotiating with you or whether they’re just poor communicators that don’t know how to tell you no!

If you feel lost then you’re not reading the signs right.

SMB Principle 2:

If they’re avoiding you then they’re not interested…but if they’re throwing objections at you then they’re negotiating! 

You have to be adept as sizing up discussions and deciding whether something is going to happen or isn’t. Use the simple rule above to help you read the signs.

Don’t be put off by objections to buying; these are a sign that they’re considering buying.

Your job as a sales person to neutralize these concerns and move them into a closing discussion. If you’re having trouble doing this then you need to consider whether you’ve communicated value the right way or qualified them appropriately.

SMB Principle 3:

Never compromise on price!

This is the last thing you want to do. This is especially the case when things become murky and you are desperate to get the prospect to buy.

Every cent you compromise on is a loss.

Don’t lose unless you choose to from a position of strength, and then under circumstances under you control. For example, only in a circumstance where the loss in revenue is negligible and not giving in will unnecessarily delay the deal into another month or quarter.


These 3 principles can be incredibly helpful points of reference. If you’re struggling to create your personal method, then they can help you develop control over your sales and reduce confusion when sales waters get murky.

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