Sales: Are You Good?

No one has a brighter future than a good salesman!”

– Earl Nightingale

I love sales. For me it involves a dynamic combination of elements that really appeal to my psyche. It comprises pieces of investigation, debate, argumentation, negotiation, strategy…and of course the ever so critical financial transaction!

The Sales Landscape

There are many different types of sales, ranging from Transactional to Solution. Deal scope is also significant factor to analyze when studying the field, with a broad spectrum that stretches from Small-to-Medium size to Enterprise.

As a discipline, it involves many different skill sets. There are elements that may be very compatible with your personality…making you a “natural” at certain parts of the sale. This is especially apparent (and very enviably so) within the deal making and negotiation elements of the sale. Then there are elements of the sale that can really only be grasped via experience or excellent instruction.

Though, one thing rings true throughout all of these dimensions and that is: if you’re good you’re good! If you know what you’re doing then that will be apparent, and if you don’t know what you’re doing that will be even more apparent.

Are you good?

If you’re a salesperson and you’re unhappy with your results then now is the time to begin asking yourself: do I really know what I’m doing or not?

If the answer is an honest no, then don’t fret. Congrats on coming to a critical realization!

From this point on, the only direction is upward towards success, as long as you are determined to achieve it.

Welcome to step one!

In my next post on sales we’ll overview different models of salespeople and what you can do to start getting better…today.

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