Alec Baldwin on the Glengarry Glen Ross sales speech

If you’re in sales then at one point or another a manager has shown you the  Alec Baldwin sales speech from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. There is a link to it below.

I don’t see it as a good sign when this is shown during sales meetings, for the team or the manger, unless its done as a joke. It’s used to try and convey urgency and motivation. But the rant in itself is in Baldwins own words “corrosive” and meant to educate people on the “thuggishness” that can exist in the sales industry.

Listen to Baldwin and Michael Douglas talk about the Glengarry Glen Ross rant and Gordon Gekko too, here at about the 5 minute mark.

He conveys that the entire dialogue is designed to show you something negative about sales environments…in my opinion, specifically environments that lack managerial support, training, proper incentives or just maybe have the wrong kind of people on their team.

It’s not meant to be motivational, its meant to show the intimidating side of sales management and to enlighten people on how to be different.

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  1. Greg Marcus says:

    I posted a link to this post on LinkedIn with the comment “how not to motivate a sales force.” Someone in my network strongly disagreed, saying ut one of my contacts strongly disagreed, saying “That clip will fire up any sales person worth a damn. Sales is about achievement, competitiveness, and pushing oneself above and beyond. That clip reminds us that we are only as good as our last deal and by pushing harder, we can go further” I’m curious what sales people think, so I created a poll on LinkedIn. Check it out here if you are interested.

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