the 5 Honey Badger sales personas

Borrowing from the growing popularity of the business articles inspired by  “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” YouTube video (see the video below), in this post I’m going to take that philosophy one step forward by using the different animals in the video as different personas you might find in your own sales team.

Continue reading to figure out which of the 5 personas you are in the Honey badger universe–in sales, business or life in general. Some people are just one, while other will notice a mix a characteristics and behaviors.

1. The Honey Badger:

The honey badger is a non stop TALENTED hard worker who knows how to create a meal for himself when there’s  low hanging fruit and even when there isn’t  in the scarcest environments. He’ll make deals happen in ways and in places  that would completely  surprise (and intimidate) most of his colleagues.  Colleagues just look at the honey badger in awe and say “how did he do that?!” or “How did he know that would work?!”.

A honey badger is successful because he is phased by nothing and can rebound from anything thrown at him….and that’s really his philosophy: Honey Badger Don’t care! The honey badger only cares about getting his meal and nothing else. He cares about winning and survival and will do whatever it takes to get what he needs.

“Oh, there’s some sweet honey surrounded by crazy bees that will try and sting me to death? Honey Badger don’t care!”, “Oh, I’ve got to climb a tree to the top and battle a snake…so I can eat it to survive?!…honey badger don’t care!”, “Oh I’ve got to dig a deep hole to eat some gross larva to survive?!”, “Oh, my leads are terrible and my targets are insane…”. Honey badger don’t care!

Honey badger just makes it happen. He’s an ultra adaptable hunter of alarming proportions. Best of all, occasionally his hard work trickles down to the rest of the team who hangs around staring at him in amazement. This is also a potential weakness for the honey badger…unless he takes direct control of the flow of scraps.

2. The Eagle:

The eagle is a high flying hunter with an amazingly broad perspective. An eagle is a master of savvy  that can see potential deals coming together in a convergence of insight and experience that few can match. Knowing when and where to insert himself in a situation or how to engage a person is the eagles bread and butter. By the time you begin to sniff out a deal, the eagle has swooped in and flown off with it. Selling and closing deals is really his first nature, he’s a natural. He knows where the prey is, when it will show itself and when he needs to fly in and grab it up.

The eagle is capable of working a very large territory and climbing political ladders quickly.

The one problem is that an eagle is essentially an opportunist–though on elite level. He doesn’t dig, he cant climb and he’s very vulnerable in situations where he has to get down on the ground and get his  hands dirty. If he cant see something from his point of view, he’s more likely to avoid it than to try and dig deep or hunker down for a fight. Eagles go after low hanging fruit and when it runs out the eagle flies off to find new more fertile territory.

Eagles and honey badgers make great partners because they operate on two sides of a spectrum, and are highly complementary.  But both beware, there are big personality differences here.

 3.The Cobra:

The cobra is a low lying tactician with a manipulative charm, a diabolically selfish point of view and a venomous bite. Cobra’s aren’t strategic hunters, they are more opportunist than anything else. Deals have to cross their path closely in order for them to take them down. They don’t have a big picture point of view, but they are very good with holding the attention of weak willed people who meet their gaze and very skilled at keeping them there until they have taken what they need from them.  A cobra has a point of view that allows him to approach people in a way no one else can, with a form of false charm that some people are too naive or too nice to dismiss. A cobra will try and squeeze every bit of advantage out of every interaction or accomplishment no matter how minor. They are low level political animals that are often the cause of toxicity in work environments and need to be weeded out…but be careful, they are viscous and painful when confronted. Best to have a honey badger have at them.

4. The Jackal:

The Jackal is a quiet quick moving –if not timid–scavenger, who will occasionally take down some mid-level prey as well. In sales, the Jackal works really well when there is a good farming system in place. If  there isn’t then he’s likely to move on to more fertile pastures. Not unlike the eagle, the jackal is an opportunist, but one that has to put in much more hard work to earn a meal.  Unlike the eagle he’s more naturally loyal to team members. Unfortunately he doesn’t stand up to pressure very well and will usually back down when challenged by a larger more confident competitor. However, when properly motivated and in the right organization Jackals can become ruthless mid-tier hunters…and good team workers.

 5. The Mouse

Well, mice crawl around for a while until someone notices them and then they get eaten. Don’t be a mouse. Mice are fodder for the more powerful.

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