Being an Enterprise Salesperson

EntrepreneurshipA wise colleague once told me:

“Being an enterprise salesperson means looking at yourself like a franchise. You can use the resource the company offers you in marketing, operations and business development but in the end of the day you have to act as if you are running your own business.”

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Surviving Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the most intimidating activities in sales.

Truth be told, it’s not that bad. The fear of the cold call is based more on a personal dread of rejection than anything else. Cold call rejections are definitive, and that isn’t easy for many people to handle. But there are ways to approach cold calls that can help you maximize their use and counter balance that awful rejection with the glory of sales.

There are 3 guidelines for overcoming the fear of cold calling:

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Event: The ClickTale Forum – Wednesday Oct. 30th – NEW YORK

I’m proud to use this space to introduce you to a valuable event:

Clicktale ny forum

The ClickTale Forum is an exclusive event for the web optimization community hosted by ClickTale, in Manhattan on October 30th.

This all-day event will feature bestselling authors Seth Godin and Bryan Eisenberg—along with a panel of the leading A/B-MVT testing experts in the industry from Adobe, Monetate, Maxymiser and Optimizely—amongst many others.

The ClickTale Forum is sure to be the most valuable event of the year for professionals dedicated to improving customer experience and converting behavior to business.

Spaces are limited!

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Nice to meet you…here’s our RFP!

question box2

Receiving an RFP from a prospect early on in an engagement can feel very exciting.

But is it a good sign?

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Tribal Selling

Selling a game changer is special. But, it takes a game changing kind of salesperson to do it right.

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quora answered 2I was recently asked:

What should a sales person learn to grow as an elite? What abilities should he/she build to become top 1% on this position?

The short answer is CLOSING.

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The Art of Disqualification


Imagine a scenario where everything went perfectly. They loved the product, they responded really well to your presentation, you hit if off personally and they even scheduled time to discuss next steps.

But then, nothing.

No returned calls. No responses to your emails. It’s as if they’ve fallen off the face of the earth…and it hurts so badly, because–as you tell your boss–“they were ready to sign!”

If you experience this type of scenario repeatedly, then you likely have a problem disqualifying prospects. The problem is not them, it’s you.

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Sales Leadership & the Alec Baldwin Sales Monologue

At some time or another you’re bound to have viewed the Alec Baldwin sales monologue from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

Most people are introduced to it in sales meetings. It’s used to expose salespeople to the no holds barred sales shark attitude that every manager wishes his salespeople would have.

If your manager is showing you this, it’s not a good sign. More than likely, it indicates that your sales manager is not a sales leader.

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Managing Sales Presentations to Large Groups

group presentation

This may be the one environment in which it is more appropriate to tell rather than sell.

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The Essence of Qualification

Qualification is the skill that sits at the tip of the spearhead of sales craft.Is it a fit

The essence of qualification is identifying who you’re talking to, what they do, who they do it for and whether they can purchase.

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